#47 – Agile HR

Authors’ Comments:

Like so many other areas outside of software development, the field of Human Resources (what an awful term, by the way) can improve itself from taking a look at the mindset and practices of agile. 

Especially when designing and creating new enterprise-wide processes (e.g., performance measurements, onboarding,etc.), HR can benefit from taking an agile approach and involve stakeholders from around the enterprise during design, implementation and observation in order to get real feedback from the actual users of the new processes.

One part of Agile HR is working in an agile manner, but another is understanding the values of agile and accelerating the adoption of these across the enterprise by modifying existing practices to align better with the values. One of these agile initiatives could be to start measuring the performance (and developing the competencies) of teams instead of individuals. This aligns very well with empowered, self-managing, cross-functional teams who work directly with their customers and stakeholders, so it rarely really makes sense to have a line manager assess the performance of each individual, anyways.