Long story short

Since 2006 I have had a camera to bring underwater and have taken estimated 100.000 shots. The photos you see on these pages are those of the 100k I consider worthy of showing. In that light my success rate is only about 1,06%

Currently a big part of my underwater photography interest revolves around competing in national and international championships.

Every year the national championship is held in a different part of Denmark. Participants have 4 hours at a given site to produce 9 pictures to enter into the competition. A total of 150 shots may be taken and the pictures are directly transferred from the camera, so no editing or post processing can be done. The winner is the one that accrues the most points in each of the three categories (Wide Angle, Macro and Theme). 

Every second year the international championship is held in a varying location in the world. The participants are winners from the national championships and the competition is somewhat similar to the national championship although it stretches over two days and four dive sites.